Pillow THREE 40x40 black

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Black and white poetry in elegant embroidered concept stems, flowers are very successfully represented by a wonderful sewing buttons made in a factory with a long tradition in the Czech Republic.

Decorative pillow, size: 40x40cm


COLOR: black / white

Material: 100% cotton

Closure: hidden zip at the back of the cover

Hand-stitched, made in the Czech Republic

MAINTENANCE: gentle wash at 30 °C

Filling (voluntary):

The Pillow can be supplied including very good quality filling, it keeps its shape well

Material: cotton / polyester / hollow fiber


The collection TENDER TIMES:

The Collection was inspired by the hidden charm of traditional sewing buttons and designed in the spirit of celebration of this sewing beauty. The collection pay tribute to more than a useful product whose benefits have appreciated our great-grandmothers and its tradition is lengthy - art, which can enthrall, but is mostly suppressed the age-old custom of taking sewing buttons only as a functional product, in our case it's the opposite, it is a star playing the major role in TENDER TIMES. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of a gentle thread, grace and elegance!

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